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Spirited Away

By 1st February 2010April 21st, 2023One Comment

‘Spirited Away’

The snow was heavy and pure. Soft flurries blew between us as Elbie stood still, her eyes closed, oblivious to what I could see. A magical landscape stretched before us, wild and white as a blanket of distant jewels spiralled down crowning her hair and hands.

We were completely alone, with nothing but the echo of the wind for company. Colour collapsed in the wake of her footprints as I carefully directed Elbie’s steps towards the camera, and this was how it truly looked…

The day had been long and we had walked for miles searching for the perfect place. For the first time I had talked openly to Elbie about my mother, our friendship was changing. We had laughed, called out our names and sang broken songs that fractured through the frozen sky to keep our spirits up. It had been hours and the day was fading, along with our hopes, until at long last we found it, the field at the foot of the hills. We leapt and waded through knee deep drifts to it’s heart, where the lone tree stood and the shadows pulled to the east. It was perfect.

So It became one of ‘those’ pictures, one where you simply don’t have to try. Everything was so strange and beautiful, and despite her insecurities Elbie was a vision I will never forget. It was a precious day, with a truly special friend…. in an extraordinary world I would never have experienced if it wasn’t for my camera.



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